Eric Hausmann -

Eric Hausmann grew up in a musical family. At the age of 7, he began taking violin, cello and trumpet lessons, eventually teaching himself guitar, drums and percussion. Having spent his adult life relentlessly pushing his own musical boundaries, Eric embraces the past while keeping an eye to the future. By blending organic instrumentation with electronics, he transforms both contemporary and timeless sounds into modern-edged works of music.

Eric’s approach to music also extends to several other instruments, with the ability to cross into a variety of styles. During a recording session, it's not uncommon for him to switch gears from melodic piano, to blazing rock guitars, to the epic vastness of a full orchestra. By lllustrating his large palette of sounds, music enables him to convey cinematic stories full of atmosphere and imagination. Compositions that reflect the beauty of what's real and genuine, evoking emotions by guiding cinematic stories with moments that pull the listener in.  Eric's love of film scores unifies his approach to composition, allowing each hand-crafted piece of music to work flawlessly within a scene. 


A native New Yorker, Eric has since settled in Portland, drawing upon the many inspirations found in the Pacific Northwest.