Eric Hausmann – Bubba Tone A mellowed-out ode to slowcore, Eric Hausmann goes for a rustic DIY charm with “Bubba Tone”. Done with such love, the whole of the track feels positively alive. Without saying a single word an entire narrative begins to take hold, one that has a bleary, just waking up spirit to it. Over the course of the track Eric Hausmann taps into the intimate sound of James McNew’s solo project Dump or the dry bone odes to spaghetti westerns that Tortoise does so well. Full of such bewildering dreamy odes the whole of the piece has a surrealist, almost playful quality to it. Even the hint of western twang on the guitar further asserts itself into the equation. Rhythm goes for the languid for it is the atmosphere that reigns supreme.  From the power of the guitar, the piece lumbers. Drums have a naturalistic quality to them, loose in all the right ways. Arrangement-wise, the piece evolves in unexpectedly sweet, soulful ways. By refusing to ever rush anything. In fact, for much of the piece everything has a low-key presence to it. Only a few times does the electric guitar rear its head with some truly beautiful soaring work. The thoughtful approach recalls elements of wide-open spaces, the sorts that exist in that preverbal “Big Sky Country”. Right at the very end of it the thing soars up towards the heavens, fully earned and deeply satisfying.  Eric Hausmann crafts a classic gorgeous take with “Bubba Tone”. ”